Plastic barrier 1980x1021

Reference: 1502000

Tough, stable and easily transportable; plastic pedestrian safety barriers are made of polypropylene, weigh 9,200 kg, are 100% recyclable and easy to assemble. They adapt easily to uneven sidewalks and are resistant to ultraviolet rays, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Quant. (Pallet)

The security bays provided by Baquelite Liz, are possible to customize, allowing to delimit and identify a space.

Their 360º rotating legs make them easier to use and handle, resulting in considerably more economical transportation and storage. 

They are designed with the intention of maximum durability and resistance. Its design is extremely stable, making it ideal for signaling and maintaining a safe distance in public and common spaces.

Its 360º rotating foot system makes it easier to use and handle, resulting in a more economical transport and storage.


Specific References


Ficha Técnica Baia Ref. 2000

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