Company chronology

Recorte Edital
The company is founded.
In February. In the image, the edict of the creation of Baquelite Liz.
Francisco Clemente, with help of his friends Luis Gonçalves and Joaquim Ferreira Junior Abraúl (who became his partners) founds the 14 February 1946, Baquelite Liz in Gândara dos Olivais, Leiria.

The choice of name was due to the fact that the BBC radio during the Second World War reported on the success of a raw material (bakelite). This material, that in the beginning of the century, had created the plastics industry in America and in some European countries had a big expansion in Portugal by Baquelite Liz, using it in a wide range of products.

Starting with two machines and three employees, Baquelite Liz begins to manufacture stoppers for the glass industry. Later, an order from Phillips Foundation for telephone bases marks the beginning of the production for the telecommunication area.

At its creation, the company was considered the second largest production unit in the sector of processing and production of plastics articles.
colaboradores Baquelite
The company implements
an expansion strategy.

Taking into consideration the increase of its financial capabilities, the company decides to implement an of expansion strategy, aimed at the construction of new manufacturing and administrative facilities.
Due to the disadvantages that some products produced in bakelite had, the management decides to introduce a new system of plastic processing by injection process.

The number of employees has increased with the expansion of the company and the launch of household goods.fachada baquelite
Produção PVC
A new production system
is implemented.

A new production system is implemented which allows the manufacture of pipes by the extrusion process. This technology that has worth the contract with the Telephone Company, for the supply of PVC pipes intented to replace the telephone conducts that until then were produced in terracotta bricks.

The company continues to grow.

The company continues to grow,
with approximately of 40 machines
for the processing of different types of plastic by the compression, injection and extrusion process. Three years later it starts making calendered film and plastic shoes.

1967 Caixas
It is a year
of great importance.

1967 can be regarded
as one of the most important years
for the activity of the company, since Baquelite Liz starts the production of boxes and crates in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Participation in FIL.FIL
Engenheiro Clemente
Eng.º Clemente
in the injection section.
Aumento das Instalações da Baquelite Liz
Investment in automation
allows productivity to increase.

Baquelite Liz carries out necessary transformations, investing heavily in the specialization of their products. For that purpose there is an expansion of the factory area, leading the way for the investment in automation and acquisition of new equipment. Thanks to this reorganization, the company increases its productivity and decreases the lead times.

Reestruturação da Baquelite Liz
Jaime Clemente, founder sons, acquires the totality of the company's share capital.

The acquisition of the entire share capital of the company by Jaime Clemente, son of the founder, initiates a process of restructuring and strengthening of productivity capacity.

The increase of the manufacturing area to approximately 40.000m2, allows the acquisition of two lines of Polyethylene with fully automatic winding. This was a unique system in the Iberia at that time.

Aumento de área da Baquelite Liz
APCER ISO 9001 Certification

The company is transformed into a joint-stock corporation, as a reflection of its fast growth. Modernization of the flexible section with the acquisition of two new machines.

A Baquelite Liz introduces
the 2000 series containers

Paying attention to the needs of its customers, Baquelite Liz introduces the range of containers Series 2000 (stackable and dockable), and establishing partnerships with some companies, seeking this way to broaden its geographical area of activity and offering complete solutions and improvements in the process of delivery of the material.

The acquisition of a granulation machine and a grinding mill allows Baquelite Liz to collect and recycle, helping this way in the renewal of some of the items purchased by customers.granuladora
Certificates of conformity PE80 and PE100 Polyethylene pipe for water distribution through the company SGS.
Tubo Acrílico
Development of a specific acrylic pipe for the production of microalgae.

Improving the storage warehouse by using the picking system.

Tampa Baquelite Liz
Development of a box with tamper-proof cover

Development of a box with tamper-proof cover, thus enabling his clients greater safety in the transportation of its products.

Melhoria das Infraestruturas da Baquelite Liz

Improvement of infrastructures.
Implementation of the Qualification and Innovation Project PORTUGAL2020.


Acquisition d’une nouvelle machine d’injection et d’une ligne d’extrusion de PVC, permettant non seulement l’augmentation de la capacité de production, comme la création de nouveaux articles. Pour répondre aux demandes de ses clients, Baquelite Liz, met sur le marché deux nouveaux modèles de caisses.